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General Faq

What are my nut and saddle made from?

The nut and saddle are made from high quality aged bone.

Do you offer different types of tuner buttons? What are they?

Yes, we offer a variety of tuner buttons that include , the standard gun metal black buttons, silver chrome, ebony, aged Italian ivory, white Italian ivory, and gold.

What kinds of strings are used on Morgan Guitars?

We use elixir phosphor bronze nanoweb light gauge 12-53 strings on all models.

Am I able to use medium gauge strings on my Morgan Guitar?

Yes, all guitars are built to handle the tension from medium gauge strings.

Do you make left-handed models?

Yes, at no extra charge.

What kind of pickups do you recommend? Is a pickup an option?

We recommend BBand or L R Baggs and we install BBand pickups in all models upon request.

Why isn’t my guitar in your model list?

We often make very limited edition models when there is an opportunity to use new and interesting tone woods that are outside our standard lineup.

Where is the serial number?

The serial number is stamped on the neck block inside the body of your guitar.

Where is the truss rod nut?

The truss rod nut is located in the neck block and is accessed through the sound hole by using the special allen wrench that is included with every Morgan guitar

How do I use the truss rod?

Tightening the nut (turning clockwise) will flatten the fingerboard. Loosening the rod (turning counter clockwise) will put a bit of relief in the fingerboard. We recommend that a qualified repairperson do this job.

How is the neck attached?

The neck is attached to the body using a traditional hand fitted dove tail neck joint.

Warranty Faq

What does the Morgan warranty cover?

Morgan Guitars guarantees that this guitar shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship without time limit. This warranty applies to the original buyer and excepts wear from normal use or damage that results from exposure of the guitar to excessive or extreme temperature or humidity. See warranty section for more details. Any damage resulting from work done by an outside repair person would not be covered under your warranty.

Will the installation of a strap button affect my “Limited Lifetime Warranty?”

See above.

How do I proceed if my guitar needs repair?

Phone or email for information on repairs.

Care Faq

I live in a very dry area. What can I do to keep my guitar from drying out?

Most problems can be prevented simply by leaving your guitar in its case. In very dry areas, you may need to use a soundhole humidifier or a room humidifier to keep the humidity at a good level.

I live in a very humid area. How do i protect my guitar from too much moisture?

Keep your guitars in the driest area of your house and in the case. If you live in an area of really high humidity, you may wish to consider a room dehumidifier.

What is a good way to keep my guitar looking good and clean?

We recommend using a slightly damp cloth to keep your guitar clean. Please see the care booklet for more information.

I recently noticed a buzzing sound coming from my strings. What does that mean?

Most likely, your guitar is drying out. In very dry and/or very cold areas, humidity can get very low. Most problems can be prevented by leaving your guitar in the case. Where humidity stays low for extended periods, you may need to use a soundhole humidifier which you can purchase at a music store.

How do I know if my guitar is drying out?

Some symptoms of dryness can include really low action which can lead to string buzz; a ‘corrugated’ looking top; sharp fret ends caused by a shrinking fingerboard. See care page or booklet for more information.