Behind the Scenes

What a long time Morgan admirer and part of our very own team is doing on the East Coast (and how she survives the winter)

Last week we had the pleasure of speaking with one of our favorite writers, Sarah Iannone, a Vancouver transplant living and working in New York City, about how she finds inspiration for her work and what she has really been up to the past year.

How did you begin your writing career in New York City?

I was doing a lot of writing in University. The winters were very cold upstate in Albany so I thought with all my free time I had inside and thoughts I had in my head (laughs) I’d build my resume and see where I could go from there. This gave me more confidence to approach publications once I had graduated from Albany and moved down to the City. One thing just kind of led to another. I’ve written for music blogs, print magazines, online startups, designers, you name it. Most recently I have immersed myself in community journalism. I have been writing weekly for an outlet of community newspapers in Brooklyn and Queens, which I find to be very inspiring and more than anything eye opening.

What do you like about local community journalism?

I love going to the board meetings in different neighborhoods and feeling like a true part of the community. A lot of people, especially young people, move to Manhattan or Brooklyn and get so caught up in the hustle and flow of what they want to be or do that they forget about the important things and locals that were here before them. This brings to mind the controversial topic of gentrification and my generation in particular, moving into Brooklyn, which is causing many locals to be pushed out of their homes. By going to these board meetings I’m able to gain insight through talking to organizations and listening to community activists, a perspective on individuals who have been here forever are struggling to hold onto what’s left of their neighborhood. Then I write a story on it. Picking up the paper that is distributed all over Brooklyn and Queens, and seeing my story on something that matters makes me feel good. It makes me want to write more.

That does sound inspiring. You live in Brooklyn, are you surrounded by the arts?

Music obviously has always been a big part of my life. So living here is amazing and getting to write about it is even better. I’ve also had the opportunity to cover art shows and feature up and coming artists. Covering the arts and culture in New York City has allowed me to expose new and interesting individuals that I would have never discovered if I wasn’t writing. The cuisine in New York City is so inspiring, from the smell of the street meat to the latest high-end joint opening in Williamsburg. Food is a big part of the city living so why not dabble in writing about it. The other week I interviewed this amazing Middle Eastern Woman, Rawia Bashara, who owns an Indian Restaurant in historic Bay Ridge and just put out her first cookbook. This restaurant is a Brooklyn Staple and she was featured in the New York Times. So that was cool.

Can’t say we’re not jealous.

Check out Sarah’s Brooklyn Daily story on Rawia Bashara here:

Mar 11, 2014