Behind the Scenes Part 2

It’s been too long since we’ve heard from one of our favourite writers and integral part of the Morgan team, Sarah Iannone.

Today she briefs us on getting on in the Big Apple, what people really think of Canadians, where she writes, how she writes and what she wants to write.

Whats your favorite format to write in?

On Napkins.

How has New York effected your writing?

Just walking around in New York expands my writing. My mind. At times it can feel like sensory overload. All of the people. The smells. The noises. In all of their peculiarities, you can either let it stress you out or inspire you. I like to walk around without any purpose at all and just take it all in. The old man sitting on the bench. Where did he come from? How long has he been here? I form relationships with my observations and try to create stories from them.

In these times do you feel obliged to have an element of social consciousness in your work?

I don’t feel obliged. I feel that it is essential. With all of the negativity in the news I think it is really important to focus on the stories they may not be told, especially now. The little stories that make us live. The family-run, 60-year-old, service station in my neighborhood is much more interesting, much more of a story to me than what ever the heck was going on with you know who’s hair at the latest presidential briefing.

Is the word “ blog “ the ugliest word ever?

It sounds pretty ugly. “Moist Blog” would be the ugliest blog name ever, I think. I wonder if it exists?

Where do you write? Home? Coffee shop? Park?

It changes all of the time. I feel bad spreading all of my chaos out at home sometimes. Not that I don’t do it but uh if my chaos , papers and trash, start to overtake “my space” I may head to coffee shop. There are just so many coffee shops. I could spend a whole day trying to choose one. Weighing the pros and cons. Will there be a plug for my computer? Will they play soft rock? Then I may just stay home with my chaos and get more writing done. But I love sitting on the bench at the park by the track. I watch all sort of people run, walk and crawl by. It gets my thought process going.

Is New York still exciting for young writers?

Of course. People just need to look around and stop thinking about themselves, take themselves out of the equation, then the excitement will find you.

Sarah on the Hunt for a Story

Do people misunderstand Canada?

Mostly people just think that it’s really cold and that we’re really nice. Both of which, are not entirely true! I once told some people that our Prime Minister rides a moose which, was easily believed.

Who are three of your favorite writers?

Lydia Davis, Raymond Carver, Cormac McCarthy.

What is your personal idea of success?

It is working on projects that make a difference. That help people. If I can use my writing, words, to make a positive impact in this crazy ole’ world that feels like success to me.

Mar 2, 2017